Furmark®​ ​Businesses

Across the fur supply chain, there are a host of businesses working to deliver their part of Furmark®. Only a final product that has followed all of the Furmark® processes can be described as Furmark®-certified and therefore Furmark® emcompasses a range of businesses

Furmark®​ ​Businesses

Fur Farmers, Fur Trappers, and Fur Communities

Farm-raised fur has deep roots in the agricultural traditions and histories across the globe. Wild fur, similarly, represents a symbiotic and conservationist relationship with the natural environment and supports a range of communities (including indigenous populations) globally. At this stage of the supply chain, businesses involved with Furmark® are those who are actively participating in our selected animal welfare and environmental sustainability certification programmes.

Furmark®​ ​Businesses


Furmark® means the process from start to finish, which is why the auctions play a critical role in delivering Furmark®: they act as a gatekeeper to pelts moving through the Furmark® system, ensuring that they have come from the selected leading animal welfare and environmental sustainability programmes. Only pelts from these farm-raised or wild fur programmes and then sold through the auction house system are included in the Furmark® system.

Those auctions are: Kopenhagen Fur (​here​), Saga Furs (​here​), Sojuzpushnina (here), RUSPUSHNINA (here) and Fur Harvesters Auction Inc. (here​).

Furmark®​ ​Businesses

Dressers and Dyers

The IFF has worked with the International Fur Dressers and Dyers Association (IFDDA) to ensure that the new industry chemical standard for Furmark® has received input and oversight from third party testing institute FILK. IFDDA members must submit samples to FILK for testing. Among other requirements, in order to be part of the Furmark® these dressers and dyers must record the precise movement of pelts through the dressing and dyeing process. FILK will also conduct the on-site monitoring visit and verification of the chemicals described within the standard. If dressers and dyers fail to meet the criteria they will not be included in Furmark®.

For details on certified dressing and dyeing companies please contact us directly (click here). A comprehensive and regularly-updated list will be published on this site in due course.

Furmark®​ ​Businesses


Manufacturers are located all over the globe therefore the IFF has engaged with contemporary fashion groups and brands to ensure that manufacturers producing fur products are fully educated on Furmark® and have the opportunity to become part of the programme.

This is supported by the development of the independent traceability system that will capture movements of pelts through the supply chain, ensuring manufacturers comply with reporting of the number of Furmark® garments they produce. Furmark® is working with the FACT who are responsible for due diligence checks on potential Furmark® manufacturing members (a condition of membership).

For details on companies that have successfully completed the FACT due diligence check and onboarded to the ChainPoint system, please contact us directly (click here). A comprehensive and regularly-updated list will be published on this site in due course.

Furmark®​ ​Businesses


Retailers are an essential source of fur information for the public. Across a variety of channels, including online and at the point of sale, retailers proactively and reactively inform, advise, and assist those opting to purchase natural, sustainable garments, accessories, and home furnishings.

A comprehensive and regularly-updated list of all the retailers selling Furmark®-certified products will be published on this site in due course.